Do you have a few problems with your feet or gait in general? Learn more about how a podiatrist can help fix your foot problems.


A Step In The Right Direction: Walking More Comfortably With Inflammatory Arthritis

29 April 2019
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People with inflammatory arthritis often deal with foot problems at some point in the disease process. Although you may not be able to stop or reverse foot problems, the way you care for your feet can make walking less painful. Choose Shoes Wisely Many people with inflammatory arthritis depend on sneakers because they are more comfortable. Remember when selecting any type of shoe, you may need to go up a half to whole size and opt for styles available in wider widths.
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Understanding Foot Problems

When I started running to lose weight, I was surprised to find that I had a few problems with my feet and my gait in general. When I would run, my toes would ache and sometimes the fascia underneath my foot would hurt badly. I realized that I couldn't go on exercising with all of the pain, which is why I turned to my podiatrist for help. He analyzed my gait and determined that I had a fallen arch on one of my feet, but not on the other. This blog is all about the benefits of podiatry, so that you can learn how you might be able to exercise and move without any discomfort.