Treating Pain In Your Heels? What You Should Do

Do you have a few problems with your feet or gait in general? Learn more about how a podiatrist can help fix your foot problems.

Treating Pain In Your Heels? What You Should Do

Treating Pain In Your Heels? What You Should Do

19 August 2021
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Pain in the heel can create a problem for you to simply walk, let alone do other things you need to do every day. Heel pain can be caused by several things, from minor issues such as wearing the wrong shoes, or more severe from heel spurs. If you have heel pain, you should make an appointment with your podiatrist to get the proper treatment for this pain. Living with this pain can only cause it to worsen, and the damage could be irreversible. Read on for some information to use if you are suffering from heel pain.

1. Take Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

To help ease the pain associated with this pain, you can take over-the-counter pain medication to treat it yourself. Over-the-counter pain medication can also help with inflammation as well. Take only the amount directed on the pain medication, and report any ill effects to your physician. Taking over-the-counter pain medication for too long can lead to health issues such as stomach pain, ulcers, and other medical concerns. If you have any issues taking these medications, stop taking the medication.

2. Wear Comfortable, Supportive Shoes

You need to change your footwear while you are trying to treat this condition. You should only wear shoes that are comfortable and provide support, especially in your heels. If you don't have any shoes that offer enough support, use inserts in your shoes. Avoid wearing high heels, or shoes that are flat and do not have any arch support. Invest in new shoes if you can and avoid wearing old, worn-out shoes.

3. Make a Podiatry Appointment

Make an appointment with a podiatrist to have your heel pain treated and to have it diagnosed. What you thought was the problem may not be the issue at all. You may have heel spurs, which may require surgery to heal your foot pain. Heel spurs can be caused by several things, including carrying around too much weight, being on your feet too long, and even wearing non-supportive shoes for too long. Make an appointment with a podiatrist to get treated properly.

If you have pain in your heels, you shouldn't let it go untreated. Living with pain in the heels can make every movement a struggle and it can worsen your condition. Get to the podiatrist for treatment. You can learn more by contacting local pain relief services like Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists.

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